Computational Chemistry

Nature is fond of geometry, and different molecular structures show unique geometric traits. However, training neural networks to predict properties of such geometric structures comes with a unique set of challenges. Our ongoing work focuses on accelerating the training of such neural networks on emerging AI accelerators, heterogeneous computing that integrates simulations and machine-learning on supercomputers, and creative combination of different machine-learning techniques to support wider range of chemical systems.

A Journey with Graphs: Connecting the Dots

What do chemical compounds, power grid and Wikipedia have in common? All of them are a manifestation of diffrent entities coming togeher, something that is commonly modeled as graphs, or networks. A significant part of my career is dedicated to "connecting the dots": learning and building tools that often map into diverse fields in computer science: data mining techniques to extract structural patterns, searching a graph database for complex patterns, semantic reasoning using knowledge graphs, predictive and generative machine learning methods for graphs, and explaining decisions on complex multi-modal data in natural language. StreamWorks, a system we developed for continuous pattern detection and reasoning received a R&D100 award in 2018 for it's application into cyber-security.

Medical Informatics

The field of digital medicine, algorithmic design of intelligent software to measure, intervene and improve human health fascinates me. Our work ranges from development of new machine learning methods to enable transfer learning across diseases, improving predicting modeling via phenotype discovery, and designing dialog-based AI systems that can reason about it's conclusions and recommendations.

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News, Publications, Patents and Talks

News, Recent Talks and Organizational Activities

  1. Jul 2024 - Graph Exploitation Symposium, MIT
  2. Jun 2024 - NORM'24:"Breaking Borders - Building Bonds", Pullman, WA
  3. Jun 2024 - Brookhaven National Laboratory
  4. May 2024 - Artificial Intelligence for Robust Engineering and Science (AIRES), Richland, WA
  5. Apr 2024 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  6. Mar 2024 - AAAI Spring Symposium, Stanford, CA
  7. Mar 2024 - American Medical Informatics Association Informatics Summit, Boston, MA
  8. Mar 2024 - American Chemical Society, Spring 2024, New Orleans, LA
  9. Mar 2024 - Keynote - Machine Learning on Graphs Workshop, WSDM 2024, Mérida, México
  10. Feb 2024 - MLCommons Science Working Group, virtual
  11. Oct 2023 - Stanford Graph Learning Workshop
  12. Sep 2023 - ChemReasoner selected for Microsoft Accelerate Foundation Models Research Initiative!
  13. Sep 2023 - DOE INCITE Panel Review
  14. Sep 2023 - Invited Talk, AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit, Santa Clara
  15. May 2023 - HydroML Workshop, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  16. Feb 2023 - SciML Group, Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK
  17. Feb 2023 - Institute for Data Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology
  18. Nov 2022 - Graphcore@Supercomputing Conference
  19. Nov 2022 - Webinar: Accelerating Molecular Graph Neural Networks
  20. Oct 2022 - National Research Data Infrastructure (NDFI) for Catalysis, Germany
  21. Sep 2022 - Washington State University Data Day
  22. Jul 2022 - AI4Science and Security Workshop, UC Davis
  23. Jun 2022 - GraphConnect, Austin, TX
  24. Mar 2022 - VA Long COVID Workgroup
  25. Mar 2022 - School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  26. Mar 2022 - AAAI Workshop on AI-Based Design and Manufacturing

Publications/Contributed Talks

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